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|Former Governor John Ambrose Fauntroy VI of Alabama
|Former Governor John Ambrose Fauntroy VI of Alabama
|Director of Law
|Director of Law
|Former U.S. Attorney Michael Seaver of New York
|Former U.S. Attorney Michael Seaver of New York

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The Guardian Council of Gilead was the ruling body of the Republic of Gilead during it's brief reign over America. The Council was responsible for administering the country, fulfilling the roles previously filled by the United States executive and legislative branches. Although the Council was powerful, all other members were explicitly subordinate to the Prophet and could not overrule his decisions. Like all members of the Sons of Jacob, members of the Council took on the title of Commander during their rule of Gilead.


The Guardian Council began as the Council of Twelve, the ruling body of the Sons of Jacob terrorist organisation. The Sons of Jacob was formed as a coalition of several smaller theocratic groups, including the Christian Marines and the Coalition for Moral Order. The Council of Twelve was created to ensure that all parts of the coalition would be represented in it's leadership. The Council was always limited to twelve members, as a tribute to the Twelve Disciples.

After the election of Nehemiah Scudder and the subsequent coup by the Sons of Jacob, the Guardian Council was created. Officially, the Council was merely an emergency measure to cope with the destruction of Congress by having the executive branch take on the responsibilities of the legislative branch but it soon became apparent that this was untrue. The members of the Council of Twelve were appointed to the Guardian Council. In order to keep membership limited to twelve, the old cabinet positions were drastically reshuffled, replaced with sprawling directorates.

The Guardian Council remained in its role as the government of Gilead through the tenures of Nehemiah Scudder and Henry Jarrett. Upon the overthrowing of Gilead, the Council was dissolved and it's surviving members tried crimes against humanity.

Founding Members

Founding Members of the Guardian Council
Position Appointee

Former President Nehemiah Scudder of Virginia Eflafirebase727.jpg

President Former Senator Henry Jarrett of Indiana


Director of Foreign Relations Former Representative Jeffrey Sims of Winnemac


Director of Defence Former U.S. Marine John Rumford of Maine


Director of Information Former Journalist Stephen Colbert of South Carolina


Director of the National Morality Bureau Former FBR Agent Francis MacHine of North Carolina


Director of the Treasury Former Governor John Ambrose Fauntroy VI of Alabama

Director of Law Former U.S. Attorney Michael Seaver of New York


Director of Health Former Miskatonic University Professor Sol Harkens of Virginia


Director of Education  Former Army Ranger Jake Rivers of Texas


Director of Agriculture Former Christian activist Josua Wheaton of Texas


Director of the Environment Former Governor Steve Jordan of Alaska


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