This is the full timeline of Fictionland, from the beginning of the universe to it's end.

Before the EarthEdit

13,000,000,000 BCE

The universe comes into existence. Quite why this happens is unclear, although there are many theories. The cosmic beings known on Earth as Destiny, Dream, Death, Despair, Destruction, Desire, and Delirium come into existence. God World is form. The physical universe comes into being in the Big Bang. Its early form and substance are guided by God’s chief archangels, Michael and Lucifer. Soon the War in Heaven occurs, causing Lucifer and many angels to fall. The angel Aztar becomes the Spectre, the Wrath of God.

Before HumanityEdit

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Early HumanityEdit

The Hyborian AgeEdit

Ancient HistoryEdit

Medieval HistoryEdit

The RenaissanceEdit

The EnlightenmentEdit

19th CenturyEdit

20th CenturyEdit

21st CenturyEdit

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